The sponsorship consists of paying a fixed monthly fee to cover all the child's school fees

The amount for supporting the child's schooling currently varies between 30 and 50 euros per month. This amount ensures all school fees (registration, school bag, uniform, books and notebooks) and a daily meal.


We share moments of happiness with them, we celebrate their birthdays and other religious holidays. We are lucky to be surrounded by smiles.


We help to make their lives an incredible adventure.
We approach this with sincerity, brotherhood and a lot of love.


The help you bring these children is like the seed that is planted, to give the forest of tomorrow. A bet for the future. The bet of a worthy life for all.


We have never been happier than by being able to help others. This feeling is even stronger when it comes to children. It is an initiative that carries you and pushes you to make great plans.