We suggest making your donation via a monthly standing order to your bank. Whatever the amount, any participation is welcome. Make a donation
The sponsorship consists of paying a fixed monthly fee that covers all the schooling expenses of a child (registration, uniform, school bag, books, snack, ...). Make a donation
The ASBL Mauricette is a volunteer association, created in 1993, which aims to raise funds to support schooling projects for children living in slums in the Indian capital, New Delhi. These children live in extreme poverty. Make a donation

Educational support

We are invested in a government school in India. We supply course materials and school bags to the students there. The government subsidises the school, facilitating the children's schooling by offering them lunch, uniforms and notebooks.


For many decades we have been working on the field, but with each mission, it is with the same passion and the same energy that we deploy. This humanitarian mission is rich in adventures, encounters and smiles. Everyday we learn something new. Everyday we come to humanity's aid, and in so doing, we gain wisdom.

Medical support

Mr Raman Bathia is the president of a Rotary Club of Delhi with whom we have sympathised and built a bridge between our associations for the future. We would like to help in this field with collecting medical supplies destined for India and its slums. We have helped the little Gungun and Komal, both sick. We brought them to medical specialists and they are currently being treated.

Nersury School

A new little school has seen the light of day to welcome small ones aged 4 to 5 in order to prepare them for entry into grade 1. Our next big project is the constructiong of a new school. We are already raising funds for this undertaking.


"What emotion. The children welcomed us warmly with dances, songs, flower necklaces."

Marija et VĂ©ronique

"I will never forget in my life that sponsorship took me and my family out of poverty."


"We have been helped and loved, our turn to love and give."

Michel Jandrin